Saturday, August 14, 2010

★☆★☆☆ RaMaZaN -ThE HoLY MoNTH-4 BoDY & SoUL ★☆★☆☆

★☆★☆☆ RaMaZaN -ThE HoLY MoNTH-4 BoDY & SoUL ★☆★☆☆
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MF uncovers the five sexiest women

Sure, Kim Kardashian may be beautiful, but a guy can only stare at the same bikini shots so many times. If you're tired of ogling over the same old , Men's Fitness is revealing five fresh faces of actresses, models and athletes that you probably haven't seen before. From a Bollywood star to a tennis ace, these gorgeous women deserve to be appreciated before TMZ ruins them for all of us.
April Bowlby

Ever wonder why Two and a Half Men was the biggest show on television? Check out April Bowlby. Standing 5'10" with a dancer's body, the California native nabbed primetime attention with her role as Kandi on the hit sitcom. Reportedly landing the role within weeks of moving to Hollywood, the gorgeous actress went on to steal scenes on and How I Met Your Mother. Now with a major role on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva, Bowlby is moments away from making the jump from "sexiest woman you've never heard of" to "sexiest woman people can't stop talking about."
Rosa Acosta

The exact type of woman Sir Mix-a-Lot had in mind when he wrote his 1992 masterpiece, "Baby Got Back," 26-year-old Rosa Acosta may be the best thing to happen to bathing suits since the bikini was invented. Once a member of the Dominican Republic's national ballet company, the physically blessed model now turns heads with a different style of moves in by the likes of Drake and 50 Cent. Regularly appearing in hip hop magazines like King and Smooth, the 5'5" stunner is now gaining more mainstream attention thanks to her beauty, body and the fact that she can do full splits.
Bipasha Basu

One of biggest stars, the striking Bipasha Basu rose to fame when she won a Ford modeling contest at the age of 17. Soon after, the New Delhi-born beauty made the transition to acting where she starred in huge Bollywood hits like RaazDhoom 2: Back In Action and other films that probably aren't readily at your local Blockbuster. A major target of media coverage in India, Basu is one-half of one of her country's most famous couples and has been called the sexiest woman in Asia by multiple publications. Now if she'd only make the move to Hollywood.
Liu Yifei

A model, actress and singer since she was a young child, Liu Yifei has experienced major success in all of these genres in her native China. Now, the 22-year-old beauty is poised to take on America. Making her Hollywood debut in the Jackie Chan kung fu flick The Forbidden Kingdom, the gorgeous performer proved she could swing swords with Jet Li and look damn good while doing it. Currently, Yifei has no projects lined up in Hollywood, adding to her under-the-radar appeal, but MF will continue to eagerly await her return to the big screen.

!~~Hilarious Google Suggestions~~!

Google search autocomplete can be funny!

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"I used my mom`s vibrator"

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"Can you get aids from swimming in a pool with black people"

Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet the woman who slept with 5000 men!

Meet the woman who slept with 5000 men!

A 25-YEAR-OLD blonde has boasted that she has slept with 5,000 men since losing her virginity at 16. 

Nikki Lee, 25, has had casual sex in nightclubs, alleyways, parks, cinemas and teen discos. 

She also boasts that she has gone on regular sex holidays, where she does it in clubs, on beaches and on balconies. 

And Nikki has kept details of EVERY ONE of her sex sessions in her own little red notebook - and scored each man out of ten. 

The beauty therapist from Essex says : "I put a star beside the lads who were best in bed. By the time I was 18, I had moved out of home and in with friends and there were nearly 800 in my book." 

By the time she was 21, she had notes on 2,289 men. 

"Plenty of men have notches on bedposts, so why couldn't I have my own packed little red book?" she said. 

"If men wanted to date her, she would give a fake phone number rarely sleeping with the same man twice. 

On one holiday to Ibiza, she claims she had sex with four men in one night. 

Nikki told Love It! magazine: "I just have two rules: no men who belong to someone else and only safe sex. Apart from that, pretty much anything else goes. 

"I have now slept with more than 5,000 blokes. Some of my mates think I need to get help for sex addiction. 

"But if I am a sex addict, I am enjoying it and don't want to be cured." 

Sex and behaviour expert Dr Pam Spurr said she was shocked Nikki had slept with so many men. 

She said: "It is technically possible, but emotionally very dangerous. 

"Detaching all your feelings and sleeping with strangers could leave you psychologically damaged. I can't see where the fun ends or begins."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Picture Of the Day

Christina Hendricks sexes up GQ UK

JLo's got the most famous butt in the world

These bootylicious beauties have signature curves that have seen their popularity soar.
Website recently conducted a poll to find out which celebrity has the most famous derriere in the world.
The results are in and not surprisingly, Hollywood A-lister and mother-of-two Jennifer Lopez took top honour, snagging 37 percent of the votes.
The singer-actress has always been proud of her curves and puts a lot of work into staying in great shape. JLo has been quoted as saying, ""I do special squats and work with loads of weights in the gym to achieve my butt. And in a way I'm kind of flattered when people compliment me for having a big a**."
Four other fab-figured celebrities also made it to the list -- click ahead to take a look.

The R&B singer came in second, thanks to her fantastically toned lower body. It's hardly surprising that she penned a song about being 'Bootylicious'

The R&B singer came in second, thanks to her fantastically toned lower body. It's hardly surprising that she penned a song about being 'Bootylicious'

4 Reasons You Are STill Virgin

You have gone on awkward dates. You have tried to meet girls on the internet. You have even read books and blogs about how to get laid but you are still living a very sexless life. But forget all that nonsense. There are four very simple reasons the farthest you have ever gone is with your right hand.

1. You Aren't Very Smooth

If "Hey…uh…how…um…I..uh….how you doin?" is how you start of a conversation with a woman you want to talk to, have a bottle of Jergens ready for you when you get home. The last thing any woman wants is a babbling moron trying to hit on her…badly.

The first step to meeting women (or having a normal human conversation with another human being) is to keep it simple and keep it at a point where you are comfortable (even if you are way out of your element).

2. You're Saying All The Wrong Things.
If you have made your introduction without tripping over your tongue, odds are you are now incoherently babbling about tartar sauce and this crazy dream you had in 8th grade. Most people are not great conversationalists, which is exactly why you should keep it basic and keep the conversation away from that new mole you found in the shower this morning.

Make small talk without making it too awkward (i.e. "Nice weather we're having). Talk about yourself. Let her talk about herself. Basic stuff. If in doubt, just think about how someone like Conan O'Brien or David Letterman conducts interviews.

3. Eyes Up Here, Mister!

If you have made it past the introduction and are acing the ice breaking conversation you are now either overconfident or nervous about screwing it up this far into the game. The one thing that is make or break at this point is body language. If you are staring down her shirt, looking bored, or are anxious to get out of there and into the sack, refer back to the Vaseline mentioned in point 1.

On the other hand, if you are still sweating nervously and fidgeting, you are already thinking about the Vaseline so you're all set.

Even if you are sitting across the table from a total bore or a girl completely out of your league, keep your head in the game, stay in the conversation, and remember that you are already halfway home.

4. You Overestimate Women.

Many guys think of women as these fairy like creatures and come up with ingenious plans to catch one. The truth is, a woman is still a person just like you or I, except she never has to do any of the heavy lifting when it comes to dating.

Even when the Detroit Lions get set to play the Pittsburgh Steelers they go into the game knowing that on any given Sunday they can come away with a win. If you're trying to get into a girl's pants and go in knowing that on any given Sunday you might actually get some, I guarantee that at the very least you will get more notches in your belt than the Lions get wins.

How to Convert MTS Files

Step 1: Click "Add files" button to import videos.

Step 2: Extend the "Profile" category to select an output format.

Step 3: Click "Open Folder" button to open your output destination file.

Step 4 : Click the "Start" to convert.

Tips----- Basic functions for all the 4videosoft: 

1. How to change your video effect 
If you want to adjust the effect of your movie, please click the "Effect" button and a pop-up effect window will appear. It allows you to edit your movie's effect including "Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Volume".

2: How to crop off the black edges and adjust the size of video play region 
By using the "Crop" function you can crop off the black edge of your video and you can also drag the line around the video image to adjust the video play region to fit for your mobile devices

3: How to split your video 
The "Trim" function also servers as a video splitter for you to get any time-length video episode. You can set the "Start Time" and "End Time" to set the exact time-length of the clip or you can directly drag the slide bar to the position you want.

4: How to join the videos 
If you would like to put several files into one output file, please tick the check box of the "Merge into one file".

5: How to save your favorite picture 
If you like the current image when preview video, you can use the "Snapshot" option. Just click the "Snapshot" button, the image will be saved and you can click the "Open" button next to "Snapshot" button to open your picture.

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