Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mozilla Releases Firefox 3.6.11 Version

Mozilla corp. releases Firefox 3.6.11on october 20. Tne newest version patches 9 vulnerablities of the old version.

Two-thirds of the vulnerabilities patched were rated "critical." Two were labeled as "high" importance and one each was judged "moderate" and "low." One of the fixes includes a second patch for a "binary planting" problem in Windows that researchers found last year, which enabled "DLL load hijacking". The newest version patched the DLL part of the flaw and ensures that Firefox can't be used to launch rogue executable files.

Other patches include ones to fix browser engine memory bugs, a cross-site scripting vulnerability and an issue with SSL certificates.

Mozilla also fixed a bug in the "out of process plug-ins" (OOPP) feature that's designed to keep the browser up and running if plug-ins like Adobe's Flash Player, Apple's Quicktime or Microsoft's Silverlight crash.

Users can update to Firefox 3.6.11 by selecting "Check for Updates" from the Firefox Help menu. Firefox 3.5 users can obtain version 3.5.14 by calling up the integrated update tool. Mozilla has also updated its Thunderbird email client to version 3.1.5.

Nowadays, Mozilla is testing Firefox 4.0,and Beta7 version would be released at the end of the month

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