Sunday, October 7, 2012

Body Transformation: Feminine Muscle

Karina AkmensKarina Akmens
AGE 22 
 106 lbs 
AGE 24 
 139 lbs 

Why I Decided To Transform

I never felt satisfied with myself, and even though I was skinny, I always felt fat. I felt sick, at a loss for energy, and would faint often when I was underweight. I found new crazy diets that just harmed my body.

Everything changed when I saw a photo of a random fitness girl on the internet. She looked so healthy, fit, and sexy. I realized that I wanted to be healthy, fit, and sexy. I started searching for info and came up. That's the day my transformation began.

Now, I'm a fitness model and a figure competitor. I must say, I'm new to this industry. I started training a year and a half ago and decided to compete. I've been active all my life. During childhood, I was involved in aerobics and performed as a dancer.

It took me a few seconds to fall in love with weights. Bodybuilding and fitness are definitely the passion of my life. It makes me feel alive. Since the first time I did a heavy squat, I was hooked. There was no going back for me.

How I Accomplished My Goals

It took me approximately a year and a half to transform my body. I bulked for six months and leaned out for 16 weeks. What can I say, it was hard, but I'll never stop. I love how I feel, how I look, and know my life has just started.

There were days when this lifestyle seemed too hard and I was tired of feeling sick. However, the joy of finally loving my body and being proud of myself was a powerful feeling, so I got up and continued. The further I went, the easier it became. I love being part of a healthy and fit community all over the world.

I finished my first season and I'm very pleased with the results. I can clearly see that my body is transformed. The best part about competing is being in total control of myself. Before getting on the stage, I was already a winner. It's about becoming better, stronger, and wiser every day. All of this comes through hard work. I participated in 2012 NAC Latvia Open and placed first in figure and in another commercial contest I won silver in fitness.

Karina Akmens NAC Latvia 2012 Bodybuilding and Fitness 

Watch The Video - 01:26

Other people inspired me at first. Now, I'm the biggest inspiration to myself. I know I can achieve a lot, and I'm going to do this without backing down.

Supplements That Helped Me Through The Journey

I try to keep it simple without mixing things up. However, I must say that supplements are of great importance along with proper nutrition and hard training. I change supplements depending on my goal.

Now, I'm starting to lean out, but gently, because I'm hoping to pack on a few pounds on muscle. Later on, I'll include fat burners and maybe a pre-workout drink when I eat less carbs.


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