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Scorching hot Ameesha! Blame it on her international-level trainer!

Scorching hot Ameesha! Blame it on her international-level trainer!

Ameesha Patel feels that her competition is not with others in the industry but only against herself 

With her professional plate full, Ameesha Patel has a lot going on in her life. Though her most recent film was the forgettable Chatur Singh Two Star, she's eagerly looking forward to the release of her upcoming films. 

The actress who has completed more than a decade in the Hindi film industry has now turned into a producer too. In a freewheeling chat with HitList, Ameesha talks in details about her upcoming projects, co-stars and working in remakes.

First of all, what are your plans as a producer?
Well, my company Ameesha Patel Productions has two films at the moment. Desi Magic starts in December as we are currently busy scripting the movie, penning dialogues and coming up with chartbuster music. 

To be very honest, it's exciting to be part of such projects. I'm also playing a double role in this film. It's extremely challenging and tiring but satisfying at the same time. Other than Desi Magic, I have a second project titled Paradise Street whose screenplay is under development.

And you're working with Sunny Deol again in Bhaiyyaji Superhit?
I'm working with not one but two Sunny Deols! It's double the fun because he's playing a double role in the film. I've always enjoyed sharing the screen space with him. He's a delight to work with.

Tell us something about your role in Shortcut Romeo...
Shortcut Romeo is like a cat and mouse story. I play an extremely wealthy woman and Neil's character is always trying to go one up on me and vice versa. 

I have that little bitchiness in this role something I haven't done before in a film. I'm essaying this smart woman who won't take things lying down nor let anybody take her for a ride. Having said that, the chemistry between Neil and me is fantastic.

And the film is a remake?
Yes, it was already made in Tamil. In fact, it was a huge hit down South. Come to think of it, in the last few years, some of the biggest Bollywood hits from Dabanng to Rowdy Rathore have all been Hindi remakes. I believe the thing is to have a fresh storyline and surprising the audience.

How was the experience working again with Abbas-Mustan after a pretty long gap?
Working with them is always a dream come true. The last film we did together was Humraaz nearly a decade ago. Teaming up with them for Race 2 was the way to go because I think Race 2 is sexier than Race 1! It's shot in Turkey and Cyprus.

Abbas- Mustan are always great to work with, primarily because most of the time their central character is a female. In Race 2, I'm the fun element as every time, I show up on screen, you end up laughing. I'm not dumb in real life but it was fun playing one.

What equation do you share with Deepika and Jacqueline on the sets of Race 2?
They are so much fun. It was a pleasure to spend time with all of the crewmembers. Furthermore, it was fun to have everybody on the sets. The entire cast was fabulous. I'm excited for the film. The trailers will release along with the release of Student Of The Year across the globe.

What is the secret behind your recent change in looks?
Blame it on my international-level trainer! He knows his job very well and has literally moulded my body. Thanks to his fitness regime, I' ve seen remarkable changes happening to my physique. I'm neither fat nor skinny. Besides, I don't think skinny always means fit.

Among your contemporaries, which actress do you feel acts better than you?
In this business, I think every other girl is better than others. After all, everyone is different. I have what they don't. They have what I dont. 

There is place for all the talent... there is more than enough space. Ameesha cannot do all the roles and the same is true about Kareena or Bipasha. I can only compete with myself. At any given point of time, I'm a better actress than myself.

How do you feel about the upcoming young lot in Bollywood?
I feel there is a bundle of talent with cute new faces coming up in the industry right now. Like Ayushmann Khurrana was fantastic in Vicky Donor. I'm especially fond of Varun Dhawan. On the other hand, I also think that age has very little to do with charm.

Take Anil Kapoor for example. He's one of the finest actors we've got here. Everybody else will age but he won't. He doesn't lose interest in his work even for a second.

You were seen actively endorsing a sunglasses brand...
I've really enjoyed endorsing Glam Star. I own a huge collection of sunglasses myself. I can really relate to this brand. They are making high quality product at an affordable price. Even a college-going student can buy it without much hassle. 


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