Thursday, July 19, 2012

LiLo believes she is in touch with MJ

Lindsay Lohan, who was claimed to have been put in touch with Dame Elizabeth Taylor via a psychic, now believes that Michael Jackson has been visiting her

The 26-year-old actress portrays the late star in new biopic 'Liz and Dick', and Taylor apparently gave the casting her blessing.

"Lindsay now feels Michael's presence everywhere. She says it's really weird, but she'll suddenly feel a chill - and a Michael Jackson song will start to play!" quoted a source as telling National Enquirer.

The two late stars had been good friends throughout their lives.

Lohan has now become convinced that they are watching over her and helping her get her life back on track following her legal dramas.

"She believes that Liz and Michael are still close in the afterlife, and are now her guiding angels, warning her to stay out of trouble so she can burn bright again in the limelight," the source added.

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