Thursday, July 19, 2012

My favourite holiday spot is Goa: Randeep Hooda

My favourite holiday spot is Goa: Randeep Hooda

Actor Randeep Hooda has been super busy this season.

But the intense performer likes to chill out during his shoots by discovering the locale or destination he's at. In a short interview, he talks to CS about travelling and writing:

Backpacking bloke
My favourite holiday spot is Goa. I head there whenever I can. I also love Sri Lanka. It is absolutely clean and quaint. Some of the areas are untouched by commercialisation, and retain their vintage charm. 

From the beaches to the forests, it's simply beautiful. Travelling is a part of my job that I don't mind at all. I also loved my last trip to South Africa. In Sri Lanka, I spent a lot of time chatting with the locals and tasting local dishes.

I also asked them a lot of questions pertaining to the place and their lifestyle. As an actor, you live in your own space. I think it's important to break out of that zone and get in touch with reality. I do most of my travelling while I am shooting as I like to spend my vacations with my parents.

Write here write now

I do write occasionally. But I find that writing is a very lonely job. It can lead to discontentment and later on, disillusionment. Nowadays, I don't find enough time to write. I have written bits and parts of many film scripts, mostly ones in acted in. I might script an entire film some time later. But now, I am happy only reading good scripts. 


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