Thursday, July 19, 2012

'I wanted to marry Laila, but father didn't approve'

`I wanted to marry Laila, but father didn`t approve`

This is what Sonu alias Wafi Khan allegedly told Crime Branch during his recent interrogation

Sonu alias Wafi Khan has reportedly told Crime Branch officials that he was in love with actress Laila Khan and wanted to marry her, but his father was against the match. While being questioned by cops on July 14, Sonu revealed that he was in a relationship with the starlet — now believed murdered along with five relatives — after having met her in October 2010.

According to his statement, Sonu's father Kamal Jadhvani was not happy about the relationship, as his son had spent lakhs of rupees in five months. Also, Laila being older than Sonu by seven years upset Kamal.

Sonu told the police that he married a manager from his own pub at Juhu, after Kamal agreed, on February 12, 2011 at a five-star hotel in the city. Sonu, who has completed his studies from Dubai, claimed he had earlier intended to marry an MTV video jockey, but then he met Laila and fell in love with her. The first meeting between the couple took place at the Qasba hotel in Oshiwara. 

As soon as reports came out that Laila was missing, Kamal ordered Sonu to leave the country as he was an acquaintance of the actress and his name could crop up in the investigation. Sonu followed his father's advice, shutting down his pub. 

Sources at unit VIII of Crime Branch said they are now questioning Sonu to find out why he got married at around the same time when Laila went missing. "Sonu had fled to Dubai from where he was summoned for questioning. We would also like to know why he fled to Dubai immediately after the news of Laila being missing appeared in the media last August," said an officer. 

Crime Branch officials also asked Sonu why he had kept changing his mobile number frequently in the past one year. 

Sonu also said that he had fixed up jobs for Laila and her family in Dubai. He had promised a boutique for her mother Saleena Patel, and a job for Imran, Laila's brother, as a mobile company executive. Zara, the actress' sister, was promised stage shows and modelling assignments. 


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