Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Salman's Pathan get-up for 'Sher Khan' dropped

Salman`s Pathan get-up for `Sher Khan` dropped

By Subhash K Jha

Fans prefer to see Salman Khan as ...well, Salman Khan. Apparently get-ups and disguises don't work for this matinee idol. Sure, he sported a moustache in Dabangg. But that's about it. 

All plans to give Salman an elaborate 'look' of a Pathan for Sher Khan have been now been dropped. 

Much to the distributors and his fans' relief, Salman would now look like his normal self. 

Says a source close to the project, `Disguises, get-ups, facial hair and prosthetics work for Bachchan Saab. They don't work for Salman. Every time he has grown his hair, sported a beard or tampered in any way with his normal look the film has fallen flat on its, face: for example Suryvanshi, Nishchaiy, Saawan, Veer...`

The earlier plan was to give Salman a completely new revamped physical appearance for his role as the modern-day Robin Hood in Sher Khan. 

`But we all feel Salman is loved by his fans the way he is, ` says a source from the unit of Sher Khan. 

Confirming the change director Sohail Khan reveals that Salman would look `normal` in the film. 

Interestingly, another Sher Khan in Apoorva Lakhia's Zanjeer is all set to get a very elaborate Pathan's look. 

Says the source from the Salman film, `Audiences come to see Salman. If they find him hiding in a get-up they are disappointed. `

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