Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sher Khan Cast still not finalized

Khan Brothers
With the passage of time, fans are more and more confused regarding Sher Khan. One day you hear a confirmation and the other day you hear a denial. We will still receive lots of updates and changes from Sher Khan till the shoot is begin.

Around a week back, it was confirmed that Angela Johnson is finalized for Sher Khan, but Sohail Khan again created a twist saying that nothing is finalized on Sher Khan's cast. According to IBN Live:
The script of 'Sher Khan' is still being finalised. In fact, we are on the dialogues stage now. So only when that's ready, we will see that whoever suits the role does it. So there is no lady or supporting actor, " Says Sohail Khan "
He further adds:
No technicians have been finalised, no actor has been finalised, nobody else,
Sohail also says that in next 15 days, he will reveal something about Sher Khan. 

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