Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Have No Problem Making Love!

I Have No Problem Making Love!

After 'Raajneeti' and 'Heroine', Arjun Rampal shoots for another lovemaking scene on screen. This time much more confident 

For someone who previously cringed at the mere mention of shooting for a lovemaking scene, Arjun Rampal has come a long way. 

No longer has he done away with all the hang-ups regarding the same, recently he also helped his co-star Esha Gupta calm her nerves during the shoot of an intimate scene with him. 

Arjun says, `When I shot my first intimate scene for Raajneeti, I was a little hesitant. I went, 'Oh my god, yeh main kaise kar paunga, yeh main kyu kar raha huun'. But, then I realised it's a part of my job! Now when I shoot for any intimate scene, I just take it in my stride. ` 

The actor adds, `Intimate scenes are done when the script demands. It doesn't make sense forcing it. Earlier sex was a taboo. But now our new generation doesn't take it that way. In my film with Prakash Jha, the intimate scenes are incorporated in the right manner. `

Jha says, `After doing the lovemaking scene in Raajneeti, Arjun has become a veteran. We shot the scenes very aesthetically with half-light.` 


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