Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vivek Oberoi leaves Neha Sharma almost in tears

Vivek Oberoi leaves Neha Sharma almost in tears

Actors pulling a prank on their co-stars have become almost a norm in Bollywood. And Vivek Oberoi is known for his sense of humour 

On the sets of first-time director Vennil Markan's new film, the actor decided to pull a fast one on Neha Sharma. 

Our source says, `For a particular sequence, Vivek was to carry Neha on his shoulders. Vivek kept complaining about a pain in the back. Neha was very careful not to exert pressure on his back. But Vivek started moaning in pain after a while. ` 

The actor even accused Neha of hurting his back. 

According to the source, Neha was about to burst into tears when Vivek and the crew told her the truth. Director Vennil says, `Neha has no hang-ups. She took everything in a sporting manner. ` 


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