Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weird Height Differences

The 'height' of love: Short-tall celeb couples

Height isn't a factor for these celebrity couples who have to bend their neck for love! Take a look at some really TALL guys and some very SHORT girls who happen to be couples. 

Height Avril Lavigne: 5ft 1" Brody Jenner: 5ft 10" 
Although the Complicated singer and her boy friend has a height difference of 9 inches, their relationship has been sailing smooth! 

Freida Pinto and Dev Patel: 

Height: Freida Pinto: 5ft 6" Dev Patel: 6ft 1 ½" 
One of Hollywood's strongest couples, these two met and fell in love on the set of Oscar winning smash hit Slumdog Millionaire in 2008.

Imran khan & Avantika Malik Khan : 

While the actor towers over her at 5'9", despite the heels, Avantika is just about making it to shoulder level! 

Isla Fisher (5'2") and Sacha Baron Cohen (6'3") 
Isla Fisher has married her long-term fiancé, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, in March 2010.

  • Amitabh 6'2" Jaya 5'2 
    Height has never been a criterion for this B-town couple! 

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