Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Wife, God, Tina Ambani and Akshay Kumar have given me a new Life

My Wife, God, Tina Ambani and Akshay Kumar have given me a new Life

By Subhash K Jha

12 kilos lighter, many light-years wiser and health-conscious, Shatrughan Sinha is healed and healthy again. Though still in hospital Shatrughan Sinha who was hospitalized with a severe respiratory disorder on 2 July is well on the road to full recovery, and should be out of hospital within a week. 

Speaking from the Kokilabehn hospital the star-politician said, `By the grace of God, the excellent care taken by all the doctors and staff at this hospital, the good wishes of my fans and friends and most importantly my wife's constant attention and prayers I am now fully recovered, though I'll be in hospital for a few days more for physiotherapy and tests before I am packed home. ` 

Shatruji is all praise for the Kokilabehn's proprietress Tina Ambani. 

Says the actor fondly, `She is my old colleague and co-star and now she has proven to be a dear friend. I feel so much a home here, thanks to Tina's special supervision. I've the best suite in the hospital with my own terrace. 

Who says old ties in our film industry are meaningless? Not only did Tina put her hospital staff on to the task of looking after him she was constantly present to personally supervise my treatment. I am touched. Truly touched. `

Another colleague who has won Shatruji's heart is Akshay Kumar. `He has been very inspiring in his good-health talk. He came here and very humbly told me how important it is to eat sleep and exercize well.

I am now on to a different routine altogether. I wake up very early in the morning. go for a long walk. I'll be resuming my yoga very soon. Late nights are completely out. Not that I partied late anyway. `

As soon as Shatruji is back to completely normalcy he will start a film with Akshay Kumar. `It's a subject that he has been desirous of doing with me for a long time. Akshay came and told me, 'Sir, ab to meri baat maan lijiye. ' I've agreed. But he has laid down a pre-condition. Akhsay says our shooting shifts would be 7 am to 2 pm. I am game. `

Re-living the trauma and the triumph of the past one month Shatruji says, `It all started on 2 July when I had difficulty in breathing. It was probably the adulterated paint in our new home that brought on this condition. I was rushed to the hospital.

I was sure I'd be discharged by evening. I dozed off at the hospital. When I opened my eyes I said, 'Let's go home. '

My wife and children looked at each other and at me. They asked me if I knew what the date was. It was then that I got to know that I was oblivious for four days. I has slept on 2 July I woke up on 6 July. `

Then again Shatruji's condition took a nosedive on July 16. `After tests doctors discovered a couple of blockages in my heart. They said it didn't need urgent remedial surgery. It didn't have to be operated for maybe 3 -4 years. 

But since I was in hospital and in that whole mindscape of healing and recuperation we decided to go ahead with the surgery. We had the option of an angiography or a bypass surgery. We opted for the latter. `

And now Shatruji says he is as fit as a fiddle. `I've never felt better. I am raring to go back to my normal routine. I'll take it easy for a while after I am home again. `

The paint at the newly-renovated Sinha residence has been duly changed. 

Says the actor gratefully, ` The positive outcome of this experience is that I value my wife and my health, in that order much more than before. 

Not that I was ever careless. It's a myth created by my well- wishers-if you get what I mean by well-wishers-that I've these long drinking sessions every night with my cronies. I stopped drinking some years ago. I lead a regimented life. I do yoga every morning.

I sleep early and wake up fairly early. I also had medical tests done regularly. So this freak health-hazard has not been caused by negligence and over-indulgence on my part. ` 

Looking at the brighter side of the experience Shatruji says. `I got to know how much the film industry loves me. Not just Tina and Akshay, Bachchan Saab, Ramesh Sippy and so many others visited. And to top it all I've lost 12 kgs in the last one month. So the next time you meet me and you if see a baby in my wife's lap don't be surprised if it turns out to be me. ` 

Yup, apna Shotgun is back with blazing guns.

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