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Ranbir and Priyanka are not my friends: Ileana D'Cruz

Ranbir and Priyanka are not my friends: Ileana D`Cruz

Barfi! actress on her first Bollywood co-star and her lessons in love

Ever since Barfi! released, people haven't stopped talking about Ranbir Kapoor. However, the film also marked South actress Ileana D' Cruz's Bollywood debut. 

Not only does she essay the role of the film's narrator, she also plays a significant character in the film's storyline. Despite recuperating from a bout of food poisoning, Ileana chats with us about riding high on the film's success and Barfi! being a major milestone in her life.

What a time to fall sick!
I have been living out of hotels for so long. This is just a rare case.

You must be feeling better already given the audience's response to Barfi!?
I was very confident that people would love the film. Some people have described the phenomenon as the Barfi! fever.

You have two lead actors playing disabled characters. Was it difficult to play normal?
Call it my guts or whatever you want to. I did the film as I knew I would never be a part of such a film ever again in my life. I too was not very sure in the beginning if I would be able to pull off the role. I didn't have to speak much in the film. My eyes did the talking.

You spent a lot of time with Ranbir and Priyanka Chopra.
I actually don't know if I can call them friends. Despite spending more than a year with Ranbir, I hardly know him. He hardly opened up; he is so detached. In fact PC and I spoke nineteen to the dozen.

Has the film taught you any real-life lesson?
It has taught me to love without expectations. As of now, I'm all for the heart!

There was quite a time leap in the film. Was it easy looking old?
It was the most tedious process and it was quite shocking for me. Actually the make-up crew told me I didn't look old at all. I also had to get into a bodysuit, which we named the fat-suit. It was like being inside a sauna.


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