Saturday, September 15, 2012

Spice Girls love fondling each other's boobs: Mel B

Mel B has revealed that the 'Spice Girls' liked to grab each other's breasts, while posing topless to raise awareness about breast cancer.

"I love boobs. Me and the other Spice Girls are always having a feel of each other's - Geri came up behind me and grabbed mine the other day," the Mirror quoted her as telling Cosmopolitan magazine.

In the photo, she is seen with her hubby Stephen Balafonte covering her nipples, recreating Janet Jackson's iconic Rolling Stone cover pose.

In the interview, the 37-year-old singer spoke about her fears after finding a lump as a teenager.

"I found a lump when I was 17 and freaked out. It turned out it was nothing but it terrified me," she said.

"Ever since, I've always been one for checking, then double checking. I have three daughters and one stepdaughter so I'll show them as they get older.

"My eldest, Phoenix, 13, does it already. Raising awareness of any type of cancer is something that's close to my heart," she added.

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