Thursday, September 6, 2012

Emraan Hashmi visiting holy shrines to get rid of 'Raaz 3' bad luck

Emraan Hashmi visiting holy shrines to get rid of  `Raaz 3` bad luck

The actor has been visiting holy shrines lately, as his father feels his next film 'Raaz 3' will bring him bad luck 

Right now, Emraan Hashmi's father is a scared man. Anwar Hashmi thinks that since his son's upcoming film is based on black magic, it's ought to attract negative energies towards his son. And to ward off evil, Hashmi Senior has forced Emraan to wear a holy dhaaga on his wrist and even visit holy shrines. 

Our source says, `Emraan is often seen wearing many rings with different kind of stones on them. His family believes in astrology and other occult sciences. Emraan's dad thinks that his next film will harm him in some manner. ` 

Obedient beta is now doing exactly what his papa has said. 


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