Saturday, September 1, 2012

How does Nargis Fakhri handle Indian humidity

How does Nargis Fakhri handle Indian humidity

Monsoon is the time when your hair behaves differently due to the humidity in the air, and a diligent hair care regime is needed to nourish your hair from within, and keep your volume and bounce. CS gets Nargis Fakhri to share a few simple tips on hair care this season:

Fighting that moisture
Being in a glamorous profession, I need an effective hair care regime that can cope with the excess moisture in the air during monsoon and keep my hair smooth and manageable 24x7. Three thumb rules I swear by for my hair are drinking water, a healthy diet, adequate sleep and regular deep conditioning massages with hot coconut based hair oil.

The conditioning mantra
A 20 minutes deep conditioning massage with hot coconut based hair oil is my non-negotiable hair care ritual, especially during the monsoon. Coconut based hair oil deeply penetrates into your scalp to deeply condition your hair, making it an instant solution against the frizz.

Treat them nice
When I wash my hair in the monsoon, I pat my hair dry with a towel, and use a soft hairbrush or a wide-toothed comb so that my hair isn't treated harshly and it maintains its shine and natural oils.

Keeping it simple
I also make sure that I don't tie my hair very tightly as it will leave the strands broken leading to unnecessary damage and roughness. It's best to keep your hairdo as simple as possible, maybe a sleek ponytail or a bun. These styles work well in this season, and are hassle free too.


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