Friday, September 7, 2012

Is Esha Gupta denying going 'nude' due to her boyfreind?

Is Esha Gupta denying going `nude` due to her boyfreind?

It seems her relationship with Armaan Gujral be the reason behind Esha Gupta's recent denial about doing nude scenes in 'Raaz 3'

Model-turned-actress Esha Gupta was recently in news for shooting a nude scene in her new film helmed by Vikram Bhatt. There was also news how she shot for a 20-minute kissing scene with her co-star Emraan Hashmi. 

After all that, Esha has suddenly sprung a surprise by denying that she ever shot for any 'nude scene'. Incidentally, the recently released promo of the film shows her in the act. 

Esha is not new to doing intimate scenes on screen. Her first Bollywood film, again opposite Emraan Khan, also had several close-up scenes between her and the actor.

Our source says, `It is strange that Esha should deny everything now. Apparently her father is quite pissed off with her for doing such scenes.`

However, the grapevine is buzzing with rumours that it could have something to do with Esha's romance with Delhi-based-businessman Armaan Gujral. Armaan is the son of socialite and former model Feroze Gujral and the grandson of artist Satish Gujral. The veteran painter is former Indian Prime Minister I K Gujral's brother.

Our source states, `Armaan and Esha had a showdown a few days ago. Esha is very serious about settling down with her beau and does not want to upset the Gujral family with her on screen intimate scenes.`

Sources close to Bhatt say, `The film's entire team is very upset with Esha for denying that she did those bold scenes right before the film's release. It is Esha who has shot for them and the audience can clearly see it in the film.`


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