Friday, September 7, 2012

Kareena's honest confessions: 'Katrina is gorgeous and I use Photoshop'

Kareena`s honest confessions: `Katrina is gorgeous and I use Photoshop`

When asked about her screen rival Katrina Kaif, Bebo described her to be absolutely gorgeous and brushed aside any rivalry 

`I've actually never felt there is a comparison. I think it's terrible that media keeps putting us in that space. I think it's film to film. What works for her, need not necessarily work for me, and vice-versa. ` 

Hmmm...wonder what Bebo would have to say about her other rival PC? Tee hee!

Kareena's honest confession... 
Kareena Kapoor was in Dubai recently for the promotion of her upcoming film. When asked if her pictures were photoshopped on the movie's posters, she quipped that she is not slim! She candidly stated that every picture for films and ads gets photoshopped. 

`It's big business today and everyone does it`, she proclaimed.

Now which actress except the frank Bebo would accept to such a thing!


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